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Destination Wedding Accommodations

  If you are deciding to have a destination wedding, great choice! Sometimes (and I mean sometimes) going this route can be more cost efficient , and easier to plan! 

Wedding Planner Partnership

This service is committed to partnering with a wedding planner, that's in need of assistance with accommodations for the bridal party they're working with. This goes for a local wedding, or destination wedding. 

Honeymoon Planning

  Sometimes, you can become so involved with planning your wedding, and planning for the honeymoon can become a last minute, to non-existent task! You're not sure where to start, or where to go!

Leisure Travel Planning/Cruising

 Are you needing assistance planning leisure travel? You know, a getaway with a friend, significant other, or just a trip for you to have some alone time…..JUST BECAUSE?!? As simple as these type of trips are to put together, depending on your wants, there are quite a few intricate details that can easily be overlooked. Let me help!

Group Travel planning

  Thinking about traveling with a group that consist of 3 or more people? Family Reunion? Sorority/Fraternity trip?? Great! Allow me to figure pricing, payment plans, and airport departures for you and your group 

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